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If you need to get onto another pc to help someone to give them some remote support then you will find a ton of different solutions. I use an application called team viewer as its free and to be honest excellent. This step by step guide below will show you how to remote control a pc to help someone or simply work on your pc remotely. You can also transfer files from one pc to another for free.


IT Solution

Download and Install Teamviewer

OK so first download team veiwer from here then start the install . ( you will need to do this on the pc taking control and the PC you want to take control of!!

You will see the screen below. Click next to install.

install team viewer

install team viewer



If its for personal use then continue by selecting personal use only.


install team viewer 2

install team viewer 2



Then you will need to accept all the licensing by popping a tick in both boxes. Then click next.


Then next screen asks you of you want to be able to control the PC your installing team viewer from any where, if you do, click yes. If you only want to use team viewer to control ANOTHER PC then click no. Then click finish. It will install accordingly.


team viewer control

team viewer control



Now that it is installed on both pc`s you will see the screen below. Get the person at the other PC to give you their “partner id” and simply enter into the

team viewer partner id section. then click connect to partner. it will ask you for a password. The user can also give you that as it is displayed on their team viewer console screen.

Job done.


run teamviewer

run team viewer


You can also send files over the team viewer console or establish a VPN between the pc`s.


If you selected the option to control your pc anywhere then team viewer will always run on your pc. Now anytime that you need to get onto your PC, you simply run team viewer from any PC you like then enter the password you specified after install team viewer on your PC.

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  • Jim


    just to let you know..
    i worked with TeamViewer and it’s a very reliable tool and definitely fits my needs but a bit too expensive for me.lucky you if you can afford it but if somebody’s suffering the same problem as i am you can use techinline ( it’s not bad product and a bit cheaper.
    well,good luck


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