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Create or Remove A Static Route In A Windows OS


If you need to create static route from traffic on your server this cab be done via set of command line instrcutions in most windows operating systems. Follow the step by step guide below on how to create a static route in windows or remove a static route in a windows OS.



Create a Static Route

First, to add a static route, open command prompt and type the below.

The below command is just an example- make sure you input your details.

route add mask

You can also add the costmetric command. Assigns an integer cost metric ranging from 1 to 9,999 to be used in calculating the fastest, most reliable, and least expensive routes. If costmetric is not specified 1 is used as default.

This is with the metric in place:

route add mask metric 2

Deleting a Static Route

Open command prompt and type

route delete ipaddress

For example if you added the below static route:

route add mask

To delete you would type

route delete

List static routes

To list all static routes setup on a computer, open command prompt, type the below command and press enter:

route print

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