Add New Disks To A Volume On A HP P2000 SAN

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IT Problem

You have some new disks in your HP2000  SAN and you would like add them to a new volume to store data on.

IT Solution

This is a simple proces. follow the step by step guide below.

First login to the management web page. that is https://youripaddress


login to p2000 HP

login to p2000 HP to add new disk


You then need to right click vdisks then Provisioning then Create Vdisk


create vdisk hp p2000

create vdisk hp p2000

You will then see a list of all the drives that are available to use, select them and click Create Vdisk.


Add disks to Vdisk hp p2000

Add disks to Vdisk hp p2000

( Click to Enlarge)

You will then see that you have a new Vdisk under the Vdisk section. We now need to create a new volume on the vdisk. Right Click your new vdisk, then select Provisioning and then Create Volume.


create volume on p2000 vdisk

create volume on p2000 vdisk

You will now see a screen where you can name the volume ( mine is Datastore 3 ).

Select the size of the volume ( I am using all capacity ).

Select the Lun ( mine is 3 )

Select what access to the volume ( I need full read and write ).

You can then select what controller can see the disks, ive gave all sas connection access to the disk for full fault tolerance. You can see this by the ticks on the controllers below.

Once you have chosen your options click Apply.

create volume on hp p2000

create volume on hp p2000


Your Vdisk and Volume are now created and you can present them to your servers, the volume will take some time to initialize based on the ammount of disks and size..

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