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Create A New User In Exchange 2013

In this guide we will create a new user in Exchange 2013 using the Exchange Admin Center, we will go through each configuration step by step. The second part of this guide will show you how to attach a mailbox to an existing user in exchange 2013.Again we will do this via power-shell and also the gui.

Creating A New Exchange 2013 User In Powershell

Creating a user in powershell is quick and simple, simply modify the command below.

New-Mailbox –alias Chalky -name Chalky White -Database Mailbox Database -OrganizationalUnit Users –UserPrincipalName chalky@techieshelp.com

We have created a user called “chalky” put him into the mailbox database named “Mailbox Database” , added them to the users OU and gave him a logon name of “Chalky”

To create the same user in the Exchange Admin Center we would do the below.

Creating A New Exchange 2013 User

First you will need to log into the Exchange 2013 Admin Center. Once there,  select the recipients option then mailboxes. We then need to click the + sign to add the new user.

Exchange 2013 recipients

We will now go through the process of adding the new Exchange 2013 user.

Create a new user in Exchange 2013



Enter the Alias of what your user will be referred as.



We are creating a new user here so select “New User”

Then enter the first name.
Any Initials.
The users last name.

Now click browse and select the Organizational
unit you will place the user.( Click Zoom)
Now enter the log on name the user will use to log into the PC.

Enter the password twice to confirm.

Now browse to select the users home mailbox store.


If you have an archive policy select it here to apply the policy.


Again if you have an OAB policy select it here.

Finally click save to create the user.



Now that user is created they will inherit their email address from the Exchange 2013 Email Address Policy.


Adding A Mailbox To An Existing User In Exchange 2013

Most of the process is the same as above so I will not screen dump it all of it.

Click + but this time selecting existing user.

add mailbox to existing user exchange 2013

Exchange will now display ALL users who do not have a mailbox attached. Select the user then click OK.

Select exchange 2013 existing user

Again click save and the user will have a mailbox attached to it and it will get its email address from the default domain policy.

Add A Mailbox To An Existing User In Powershell Exchange 2013

Here we create the mailbox for the user “Allen” as above but in powershel

Enable-Mailbox -Identity:techieshelp.local/Users/allen
-Alias:Allen -Database: Mailbox Datastore

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