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Exchange 2013 Find Mailbox Size From OUs, How Long To Migrate Mailbox?

Really quick simple one today, when I migrate clients mailbox servers they often say that a specific department will have a lot of email and will take a long time to migrate.

Instead of finding the users in each department and checking the size each individual users mailbox and totting them together we can run some power shell that will show the mailbox sizes for all users in a specific organization unit. The power shell is as below.

 Get-mailbox -OrganizationalUnit "domain.com/HR" | Get-MailboxStatistics | ft DisplayName, TotalItemSize, Database, ServerName

The example above will get all the users in the HR department OU, gather the statistics of the mailboxes, show the username, the mailbox size and then the database the user is in and the actual mailbox server that the database is.

How Long Will It Take To Migrate Mailboxes In Exchange 2013?

Just thought id also add this on as that is normally the next question I get asked, bear in mind the below points when consulting with your client over how long these mailbox migrations may take.

1. Number of CAS servers, as threads are distributed over the CAS array (I know its now the Outlook anywhere URL) the more CAS servers the quicker the migration.

3. Performance from the source Exchange servers and destination Exchange server, your migration will only be as fast as the source server, by this I mean RAID configuration, memory and most of all CPU.

4. Bandwidth between the source and target Exchange servers, are you on a 10 mb lan, 100 mb, 1gb…fibre?

In a VMware virtual environment where both Exchange servers are on the same VMware host I normally say to the client 20 minutes per gig.

Finally read my article on how to notify users that you will be migrating their mailboxes.


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