Force IE9 and IE10 Into Compatibility Mode With A GPO

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This is a step by step guide on how to force force IE9 and IE10 into Compatibility Mode With A GPO, this is useful as a lot of websites still do not display or function correctly in ie9, I saw this issue recently on network where we deployed 500+ new pc`s then because of one website the client asked us to roll back the pc`s to IE8…no way was that happening so we tested putting IE9 into compatibility mode and this resolved the issues with certain websites not displaying there content correctly.


IT Solution

First run the Group Policy Management tool, then browse to the group or OU you want to apply this GPO. If you want this to be across you network you could even implement it in the Default Domain Policy.

group policy management tools


We now to need to locate the IE9 compatibility mode rule. This can be found under Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Internet Explorer > Compatibility View.

put ie9 into compatabilty mode



If you cannot see that template then you may need to download the IE9 ADM here or the IEAK 10 for IE10 from microsoft . To import this adm or admx you Right Click on Administrative Templates then select import and browse to the ADM you have downloaded.

Now on the right hand you will see the following section titled Turn on Internet Explorer 7 Standards Mode. You will see it set as Not Configured.

Internet Explorer 7 Standards Mode



Double click the Turn on Internet Explorer 7 Standards Mode and you will see the following screen.

enable  intenet explorer 9or Internet Exploer 10 compatabilty mode


Simply set it to Enabled.


Finally, drop to a command line and enter the command below to update the network policy.


Gpupdate /force


Now when the users log in all websites should display correctly in IE9 and IE10.


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