Turn Off Pop up Blocker in Internet Explorer 9 IE9, IE 10 and IE11

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IT Problem

You want to turn off the pop up block in Internet explorer 9  or IE10 as you need to access a pop up screen.You may also want to stop certain websites from being blocked in Internet explorer 9 or IE 10.

To turn off Pop ups in Microsoft Edge view this article.

IT Solution

Again, this can be done with just a few clicks. First launch Internet explorer 9 IE9 or 10.

Then hold down Alt + T, you will then see the tools menu as below. Select Pop-up Blocker then select Turn off Pop-up Blocker.

turn off pop up blocker ie9

turn off pop up blocker ie9 and 10


The pop up blocker will then be disabled.

Stop Sites From Being Blocked In Internet Explorer 9 And 10

If you would like to leave the pop  up blocker on but want to set that certain sites are never blocked in Internet explorer 9 then do the following. Press Alt + T again on your keyboard. Again drop down to Pop-up Blocker but this time select Pop-up Blocker Settings.

You will see the screen below.




Then simply enter the address of the website you want to allow pop ups from. I’m using techieshelp.

allow pop up from website internet explorer 9 and 10

allow pop up from website internet explorer 9 and 10



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  • Bill Piperis


    in game pop up will not open even when pop up blocker is disabled. sais that there is a pop up blocker on and needs to be disabled.


    • admin


      Cold it possible you have another tool bar built in such as google toolbar which will also have a pop up blocker installed? Have a check in programs and features in control panel or if you windows xp add/remove programs


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